Holiday House

Win One of Seven Spectacular Raffle Prizes

Individual tickets $25 or 5 tickets for $100. Tickets on sale until December 31, 2021 at 11:30 pm.


To buy raffle tickets, and/or make a donation click here

All proceeds support the Delta Gamma Center!


Entry is easy.

Step 1.  Purchase as many tickets as you’d like. Remember – all proceeds support the exceptional services Delta Gamma Center provides to local children with visual impairments.


Step 2.  Decide how many tickets you want to put into your chosen “bucket.” With seven great items available, you may want to purchase multiple tickets.


Step 3.  Tell us how you want to allocate your tickets. For example: “I’m purchasing five tickets. I want three to go into the 50/50 cash prize bucket, one into the Carol House Furniture gift certificate and one into the Genovese pearl necklace bucket.” Upon purchasing your raffle tickets, you will receive an email to let us know how you want to allocate your tickets.


QUESTIONS? Please contact Ashlee Walsh at


Good Luck!