Experience the Arts: Music


Through a variety of experiences children will develop and build necessary skills to be able to appreciate and perform music independently and with other musicians in the community.

Program Descriptions


Participants will learn the foundations of music such as how to keep rhythm, create a beat, appropriate tone and pitch, all focusing and developing the necessary skills to learn how to create music.  At this beginning level, participants will be introduced to reading music (Braille), body percussion, different genres, and a variety of instruments (including adapted instruments).


Participants will enhance their love of music through:  singing, performing, improvising, composing, and listening.  Participants will learn how to play an instrument independently and with others, attend concerts in the community, and develop relationships with “Music Mentors” who will help develop a greater understanding of how life inspires music.


Participants must be able to demonstrate a high level of interest and commitment to music.  Participants will be able to read & produce music independently, in addition to working with others in a creative group experience. These collaborative projects will inspire musicians to create authentic works, and will develop the confidence to participate in other community projects.