Readiness Indicators

For Explorers - 

  • Ability to successfully separate from parents with redirection and support
  • Ability to transition to new activities
  • Ability to tolerate changes in routine
  • Demonstration of interest in others
  • Indicates basic wants, needs and interests

For Challengers - 

  • Endurance to participate for 4 hours 
  • Emerging awareness of own disability
  • Engages others in a meaningful way
  • Basic self care skills such as toileting, hand washing and eating
  • Understands and follows simple directions
  • Interest in participating in a variety of group activities (including outings) with peers
  • Readiness, by summer, for an overnight trip

We understand that, due to medical conditions,

some children have not developed all of these skills.

We encourage you to call the GRADS staff to discuss your child.