Programs and Services

“The Delta Gamma Center staff helps us identify what is important to keep our child developing, provide resources to learn our rights regarding education, and teach us to be advocates for our children.” – DGC parent

It never occurs to most people that it is with our eyes that we take in most information. For infants and toddlers with blindness or visual impairment, learning becomes a “hands on” experience, where touch is crucial to understanding concepts, places and experiences for the first time. And, like all children, they grow up in within a family network that will serve as their first and most important teachers.

The Center starts the journey with each parent shortly after the diagnosis of visual impairment is made. Services stay focused on the individual needs and concerns of each family, building strength, skills and hope for the future.

Our vision is that children and families will be given the support and training they need so children will develop to their potential, enjoy healthy relationships with family members and fully participate in their communities.

Who We Serve

The Delta Gamma Center serves blind and visually impaired children within a 50-mile radius from the center’s office. Early intervention services include qualifying children who are under the age of 36 months and not eligible for preschool services. For family support services, children can be any age, although some services offered are designed for a specific population or age group. If so, it will be indicated clearly on announcements and/or registration forms.

In order to qualify for these services, a child must have a diagnosed visual impairment.

The criteria include:

  • A medical diagnosis of visual acuity 20/70 or less in the better eye with maximum correction;
  • A very limited field of vision (20 degrees at its widest point);
  • A progressive disease leading to either of the above;
  • A physician’s statement that the prognosis for useful vision is guarded or doubtful;
  • A physician’s statement that the functional loss of visual performance is comparable to the visual function of other children with a diagnosed visual impairment.

It is the Center’s procedure to assist families to locate services within or near to their own community for families who live outside of the 50-mile boundary. Children and their families who reside more than 50 miles from the Center’s office can be provided with services, but only at a location within the 50-mile radius.

To request more information about services, please call 314-776-1300.