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A Look Into Our i’s - cover image A Look Into Our “i’s”Available in Braille, Large Print, CD and Audio TapeThis compilation of introspective writings gives readers a glimpse into the lives of some extraordinary teenagers who share their perspectives on issues related to growing up with a visual impairment. Their stories give us a look into the “i’s” that are most important to them. We are confident that their book will demonstrate to readers that you do not need perfect vision to achieve the important things in life.

Unit price – $18 Unit price – $6CD only (No book)
In Touch with Your Baby’s Development - cover image In Touch with Your Baby’s Development By: Jo Russell-Brown, M.Ed.”In Touch With Your Baby’s Development” is a booklet written for parents of infants and young children diagnosed with significant visual impairments. This booklet will provide parents hope and guidance beyond the diagnosis and will become a valuable resource as their baby grows.

Unit price – $6
Beyond the Stares - cover image Beyond the Stares Beyond the Stares is a collection of stories written by a group of youth from St. Louis, ages nine to fifteen, with brothers and sisters who are blind or visually impaired. These young writers came together through a sibling group sponsored by the Delta Gamma Center for Children with Visual Impairments, to share what they know about growing up with a brother or sister with a disability.At the end of each chapter, there is a page for readers to write their own stories.

Unit price – $15
Becoming a Supporting Parent - cover image Becoming a Supporting Parent:
How to listen, talk and instill hope in others
Parent-to-Parent Programs provide opportunities for Supporting Parents to utilize their wisdom and compassion to help other, less experienced parents combat the isolation, fear, and frustration that often accompany raising a child with disabilities. This user-friendly training helps give parents the tools they need to feel more comfortable and confident in their role as Supporting Parents. The goal is that no parent of a child with a disability feels alone or without hope.

Unit price – $50 Leader Kit Unit price – $7.50 Additional DVDs