Become A Supporting Parent

Support parents are trained volunteers who have agreed to listen and share information with other parents about their first-hand experiences raising a child with a visual impairment or other disability.

In-person training is ideal for new support parents, but the following video may be helpful when lengthy group training sessions are not practical or to supplement your training.


Click here to watch the Become a Supporting Parent video.

You may also be interested in downloading Tips for New Support Parents (pdf).

This video is made available for use by any non-profit organization serving children with special needs. If you represent such an organization, you are also invited to download our Leader Kit, which includes:

  • Training materials for program coordinators
  • Forms for signing up volunteers, assigning matches and monitoring progress
  • Tips to share with new support parents

If you’re a parent of a child with visual impairment looking for support services, please visit Family Support.

If you are interested in becoming a support parent for the Delta Gamma Center for Children With Visual Impairments, please contact us.