Lending Library

Toy Loan

Families of children birth to age three who receive services through the center, are welcome to join our Toy Loan Program. The program provides an opportunity for families and children to try a variety of developmental toys, switches and computer programs. It gives families an opportunity to try particular items before making a decision about purchasing them, and gives children a chance to work to master specific skills.

Braille Books

The center maintains a small library of books in Braille, large print or on tape, videos and other resources for families. The book library also has an abundance of twin vision books. Putting Braille over text in baby books is the first step towards literacy for children who are blind or visually impaired. This process, called “twin vision” is accomplished by converting text to Braille on clear tape. The tape is then placed over the text in the baby books. A child can “feel” the words while hearing them when read to by a person with vision.

Library Materials for Parents

The small collection of books, videos and pamphlets addresses a wide array of information for parents, ranging from commonly encountered parental concerns such as sleeping through the night or toilet training to more specialized information specific to children with visual impairments and other disabilities.

All books can be checked out for a 30 day period.

For more information about the Lending Library, please contact the Center at 314-776-1300 or info@dgckids.org.