Tandem Adventurers

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Tandem Adventurers meets weekly from April through September.  Participants are teamed up with experienced and trained “captains” for fun and challenging rides within the St. Louis metropolitan area.  Participants range from ten years old through high school graduation. The group works to increase his or her own personal fitness level, learn to work as a team member, and enjoy a sport that is not generally accessible to children with visual impairments.

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SPINNING:  Stay in shape for cycling off-season

Takes place the 3rd Saturday of each month at 1 pm – 2 pm:   October – March


Spinning offers a challenging mind and body experience, while in a group setting.  Children age 10-18 years old are able to exercise at his or her own level of intensity while building strength. Classes are offered monthly at St. Louis Spinning, and are led by certified trainer, Michael Katz.  Michael uses music to motivate each ride through a variety of speed and resistance challenges.  In addition, classes may incorporate some core-strengthening exercises to stretch muscles and improve balance by using weights, medicine balls and resistance bands.