Trekker Adventurers

Hiking appeals to all ages, is accessible, and can be linked with other outdoor activities, such as kayaking or rock-climbing. Trekkers allows for children 7-18 years old to connect and experience nature.  Through our twice a month hikes, participants have the opportunity to join friends to experience the great outdoors and problem solve together.  By working as a team, individuals will develop a sense of security and achievement.  Each of the hikes will have trained guides to provide instruction, support, and motivation for the hike.

Participants must be able to carry a light backpack, effectively communicate with guides and peers, and be in good physical condition to withstand a 90-minute outdoor excursion.  Depending on the location of the hike or weather, hikes will vary in difficulty, but may include steep inclines, uneven, rocky terrain, and encounters will nature’s plants and animals.  Most hikes will take place in St. Charles County. 


Hiking Dates:   Sundays 11:30 – 1:30 pm:   Oct. 11 & 18;    Nov.8 & 15;     Dec. 13 & 20